LOOKING FOR ALL The Support and Guidance You Need To Permanently STOP The Emotional Discontent That Only Leads You To:

red-dot-tick3FEELING ANXIOUS.
red-dot-tick3AND FRUSTRATED.

When you think about broken dreams and lost opportunities of the past.


If you’ve always wanted to make a huge difference, so you could feel inspired every day when you wake up….

…. But you’re tired of struggling alone, not making any progress due to time restraints, energy restraints or just plain straight out lacking motivation, then pay close attention!!!

WE are currently inviting new members to join our Band in our mission to fight against DEPRESSION AND INEQUALITY.




We are a private, online community of difference makers who meet inside our private, members’ only website to …

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  • Collaborate and synergize our idea’s to create the greatest leverage points to provide opportunity for win-win situations between individuals and the community.
  • Access a ready to plug and play business building system that allow individual members to build multiple streams of income from diverse markets within the one campaign.
  • Participate in a public education program designed to address the social and health ramifications driven by unprecedented advances in technological progression and globalization.
  • Provide a platform for members to build their own list and connect to any referral type business and align it to their own cause, charity and mission if they so desire.
  • Foster an environment that encourages the inner child in each of us to get back to a playful, adventurous, hopeful, possibility thinker. To rediscover that overcoming, extremely inquisitive, imaginative, living in the moment and loving without limits way of being.

It is simply my mission. To throw off the security trap that keeps us entrenched in the fear of loss and an impoverished state of mind. To re-connect with our natural abundant self.

This program will….

Equip you with a system that will firstly inspire, educate, inform and install hope and vision whilst having some fun along the way.

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Most importantly, it will instill beliefs in the individual that they are worthy and capable of the very best that is in them and can follow a simple, strategic plan that can be implemented to ensure they are one of the

This platform is designed to pull out the hero in all of us, so that we may join an ever growing band of altruistic contrarians who want to change the world.


Are YOU A Good Fit?

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Members of our band are typically people who are passionate about…

  • Making a huge positive difference.
  • Searching for something more.
  • Aspiring to be the best version of themselves.
  • Challenging the status quo.

They’re people who are not content with sitting on the sidelines, but instead understand the priceless value of belonging to a community of like- minded difference makers who freely share their contempt for a society that:

  • Places profit before people.
  • Places ambition before Service.
  • Places privileges before principles.
  • Dictate answers before empowering questions.
  • Persuades before educates.
  • Places knowledge before imagination.
  • Conforming and compliance before authentic originality.
  • Political power before Spiritual Power
  • The things that can be counted over the things that truly count.




red-dot-tickContent with just plodding along with the ho-hum attitude

red-dot-tickOut for what they can get and not what they can give



red-dot-tickDon’t want to take responsibility for their own situation and continually live in blame, excuse and denial



red-dot-tickExpecting everything to be handed to them on a plate with an entitlement mentality

red-dot-tickNot prepared to commit to the continual development of their better self

If you fit any of these descriptions, then this program is not for you. I am sure you can find another hundred Shiny Red Button Programs promising you the world tomorrow out there in the big wide world of the web, but of course that result is already assured.

Sometimes heroes arrive from the most unlikely circumstances and impact in a way that leaves an indelible legacy that we can’t completely comprehend.

I am certain that every one of us has an incredible story to tell. A wild adventure constantly spurring us on to overcome the odds, take down that huge obstacle, slay the dragon, fighting for an incredible cause that we are inspired by:

image3If at this point in your life, you don’t feel you have such a story within you, then it is time to get busy.

The difference maker’s template will lead you into battle with a battle plan that anyone can implement to ensure your story is an amazing, fun and exciting adventure, whilst aiming up at some of the greatest challengers of our time, specifically DEPRESSION and INEQUALITY.


When you become a member of ROBIN HOODS BAND, you will be emailed INSTANT password access to our private, members-only area where you will have 24/7 access to:



  • The Robin Hood White Board Explainer video. Robin Hood explains why we need a revolution to redistribute the Wealth for the sake of our Health.
  • The free Report “Depressions Gift. From Scarcity to Abundance” which you can give away as a gift when someone enters their details into your own capture page after viewing the explainer video. You can then connect your subscribers to the
  • Follow up email course titled “The Golden Keys to Re-vitalize, reposition and Re-invent Yourself in the New Global Economy”. This series is designed to Empower, Encourage, Educate and Inspire whilst positioning you. You get to build a relationship with your subscribers over time with this 32 message follow up email course. Building your own email list online is like building your own organization offline, only no staff, no overheads, no capital outlay, no geographical restrictions (work anywhere that has an internet connection), no stress or pressure (work your own hours), no economic restrictions (you have a growing global audience), No TRAFFIC JAMS….

    You can simply take this system and connect it to your own personal mission or just continue to help us with ours. It is big enough for all of us to play our part.
  • Step by step video tutorials to set up your own domain name, web hosting, autoresponder, landing page (capture page) and connect them to all the marketing resources listed above.
  • The Difference Makers Template provides opportunity to participate in some major leading trends and markets, so that you can build multiple streams of income, whilst concurrently educating the individual on the need to build profits rather than be reliant on stagnating wages in the new global economy. You simply substitute your own personal links into the “Your Profit Centre” section within the report after you join the businesses that resonate with you and collect your referral link. Alternatively replace them with referral businesses that you do your own diligent research on providing that it offers, first and foremost great value and service to the end user. The band members will always be the watchdog to ensure that this is the case.
  • Each month you will have the opportunity to nominate your favourite cause or charity to support. The votes will be tallied and the cause with the most votes for that month will be the featured and elected recipient of 10% of the profits that are made through the program and it will be suggested for all members to give a donation for that cause for that month (Providing this charity hasn’t been featured recently.


  • How we can all play a role to turn the tide on the global epidemic of depression.
  • How death and taxes are not the only certainties of life.
  • How to raise our awareness so that our past is an engine to drive us forward and not an anchor to hold us back.
  • How knowledge is so often NOT power.
  • What our education system really teaches us.
  • The one essential ingredient to a powerful vision.
  • The most destructive enemy and how to defeat it.
  • What we were all born for.
  • Where life’s meaning comes from.
  • The one thing that all truly wealthy people know.
  • The secret to happiness.
  • How to make our work an inspiring expression of our self.
  • How to make a huge global impact.
  • The formula to arrest our regressing energy levels and how to get high naturally.
  • Our greatest learning ally.
  • The greatest subject to study.
  • The real price of progress and a contrarian view.
  • How to be a victor and not a victim in the new Global Economy.
  • Where there is a Huge pot of gold big enough for all of us.
  • How instant gratification costs us and delayed gratification pays us.
  • How to find your highest source of motivation.
  • The conversation we desperately need to have.
  • How to create your own profit centers.
  • How to craft your own statement of purpose.
  • The ultimate question to ask yourself.


As a loss of autonomy and a lack of real meaningful connections are two primary drivers of escalating levels of depression, these are two factors that are very specifically addressed in this program.

You will know that you are participating in something much bigger than all of us, which is why it takes all of us to take a stand, join the fray and be a part of ROBIN HOODS BAND to fight against DEPRESSION and INEQUALITY by redistributing the wealth for the sake of our Health.

Finally, All the Help, Advice, Strategies and Systems you need to BE a Huge Difference Maker and stop going through the motions and end the daily grind. I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on my self-education through seminars, conferences, books, cds, studying hugely successful people in many varying fields.

I have memorized hundreds of famous quotes and diligently journaled for many years to compile the best of all the idea’s, thoughts, observations and personal a-ha moments.

Now I am bringing this obsession and commitment to learn into a workable program for you.

Many have told me that I should write a book, but I know what most people do with books; they become yet another dust collector.

It has been my vision for many years to create a program that people would regularly engage in and be able to live out in order to create transformational results.

I am dedicated to finding the greatest leverage points that will create the greatest WIN- WIN situation for the most number of people.

Toward this end, I wanted to cut the entry point to this program to one that allowed even those from very modest means to be able to participate.

  • You will gain full membership to the Difference Makers Template.
  • Access to the entire business building platform, which includes:
  • White board animated video featuring Robin Hood.
  • The Report “Depressions Gift”.
  • The follow up e-mail course “The Golden Keys to Re-vitalize, re-position and Re- invent yourself in the new Global economy.
  • Step by step video tutorials to set up your own domain name, web hosting, autoresponder, landing page (capture page) and connect them to all the marketing resources listed above so that you can build your own independent list.



A copy of Matt Morris’s 7 Secrets to 7 Figures Report in both PDF and MP3 format.

bonus-1-book    bonus-1-mp3

In this presentation Matt takes us through the 7 key fundamental qualities that anyone can engage with to create a 7 figure income:

bullet-1The ability to Dream Big.

bullet-2Become an Expert.

bullet-3Create a Game Plan.

bullet-4Take Massive Action.

bullet-5Be a Leader.

bullet-6Build Your Vision.

bullet-7Take 100% Responsibility.

In his charismatic, no holds bar style, Matt Morris open fires on mediocrity to tell it like it is.



In this highly inspiring Report, Alexander Hyne presents to us:

red-dot-tickHow to truly be living your dream.

red-dot-tickHow we came to the “life is pointless” feeling and how to turn that around.

red-dot-tickHow working just because you should or have to is a ridiculous waste of your life.

red-dot-tickA clear path to a purpose that excites and inspires you.

red-dot-tickHow to kill the wandering aimlessly feeling once and for all.

red-dot-tickHow you were born for bigger and better things

And much much more ……..




 Justin Popovic leads us through a very strategic plan to transition out of a job that is not inspiring us and into our own business. Topics covered include:

red-dot-tick3 fundamental steps you MUST follow if you want to become an entrepreneur

red-dot-tickHow to avoid losing motiviation and drive

red-dot-tickHow to achieve your goals quicker than anyone else

red-dot-tickHow to eliminate your fear of being without a steady paycheck

red-dot-tickHow NOT dealing with your fears can cost you serious money in business

red-dot-tickThe key ingredient that 9 out of 10 business owners forget to implement

red-dot-tick3 business basics that supersede all others in a startup venture

red-dot-tickHow to avoid costly mistakes but still learn the accompanying lessons

red-dot-tickA life changing system that will alter your personality in 90 days or less

red-dot-tickHow to deal with the inevitable resistance you will face

red-dot-tickHow to deal with challenges and problems in your business

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So now it’s time to decide….

…. Will you continue to do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got????


…. will you join the elite group of Difference Makers who are joining the fray to take up the fight against Depression and Inequality through this revolutionary program?

Differernce Makers Template